Using iCloud Drive as an actual DRIVE under windows?

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    This seems to work just fine on my Mac with Yose public beta; iCloud Drive shows up in finder, I can browse and open files like any file.

    Doesn't seem to work seamlessly under windows though, which seriously is quite disappointing and just counter productive to having files uploaded to a cloud service in the first place.

    While Apple may have a vested interest in wanting me to buy and use their products, ultimately it needs to be me who decides how I choose to access my own files, especially as iCloud is a (voluntarily) fee-based service - which I seriously have no intention whatsoever of paying for as long as it doesn't work fully and seamlessly with the world's most prolific desktop OS, I might add. I can't let a corporation hold me hostage because they disapprove of my own choice of platform. My life is mine to live, you know? :)

    Having to log in to a really iffy web browser based app because I'm in front of my PC - which is the case 95% of the time basically - is just terrible, is there anything I can do to remedy this, or should I just abandon Apple's software and services? :p

    Using iCloud software version 4.0 on windows 8.1, by the way! Thanks for any input/help...
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    iCloud Drive works fine on Windows. Make sure you tick the option to activate iCloud Drive on the iCloud software you're running.
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    I had ticked the tickbox and still did not see any icloud drive appear, and then you reply saying it does work, and then huffing and muttering to myself I open up an explorer window to prove to myself that I wasn't imagining things, and sure enough, there's no actual icloud drive drive...but there's a "favorites" shortcut for it? Hm, I didn't notice that one before.

    It's weird that icloud photos folder appears together with my storage drives, but icloud drive does not. It totally threw me off.

    Anyway, thanks for your help! It feels weird I'm not getting a drive letter, but I suppose I can make do anyway. :)
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    What I find weird is that I cannot see any of the files on my iCloud drive. I have added some PDF files to icloud drive on my mac, but they are not on my windows icloud drive. Folder says it is empty. Actually, every folder is empty on my Windows iCloud Drive.

    Oh, and my iCloud Photo shows everything from my photo stream.

    Very weird.

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