Using iCloud drive for pictures??

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    Jan 5, 2011
    so I recently purchased a 50gb iCloud storage option. I own an ipad air 2 (16gb), iPhone 5 (16gb) and a 2009 macbook (osx 10.9).

    What I'm thinking of doing is cutting and pasting all of the photos that are on my macbook to my iCloud drive account and just making a photo album folder.

    The reason I'm not doing it the standard way of using the ios photo app is because I don't want 1000+ photos in my camera roll and I would need to go through and make all of my folders again in the ios photo app.

    And I assume even though I wouldn't have the option set to download all of the image files to each device and just show a low resolution image until clicked on, just having the low resolution place holder on my idevice would still take up a lot of space.

    It would also save HDD space on macbook.

    Has anyone else saved their photo collection like this???

    With the advent of the iCloud drive app on ios you can now easily see stored pictures on iCloud now worries.
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    If you are looking to use iCloud as your photo storage option I would make sure you have a good backup. The use of iCloud for this has been generally okay but there have been some serious misses up to and including wiping out your photos.
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    Jan 23, 2014
    I also thought about using iCloud Drive instead of iCloud Photo Library for saving my photos. I haven't tried it yet but expect you don't have to worry about wiped out photos as much as if you use iCloud Photo Library.

    What I'm worried about is iCloud Drive not really being a cloud service. If I have my photos on iCloud Drive and want to view them on my iPhone, will they be stored on my iPhone and therefore fill up the storage or will a photo be remove as soon as I stop viewing the photo? Has anyone tried this?

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