Using idisk on more than one mac for files

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    Jul 17, 2008
    If I want to use idisk to store files in to work on multiple macs, is one of them a master file? or will any changes saved in idisk folder on one mac sync with the me cloud and also the other mac. I am thinking about what would happen should I accidentally delete / mess up one document saved on one computer will this sync through to other ?
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    I have my idisk set up with a local copy of the files on each of my computers. This needs to be turned on in the Mobile Me iDisk System Preferences. Yes, when you delete a file, that deletion is pushed up to the cloud and then down to your other computers. However, since the copies on each computer are physically on the computer, the deleted items are sent to your computer's trash can, just like any other deleted file. So, you should be able to find deleted idisk files in the trash on all your computers until you empty the trash can.

    Hope this what you are looking for.

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    Many thanks. Very useful to know that the files end up in the trash. Didn't know that.

    Much appreciated :)

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