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    Feb 16, 2010
    I watch a lot of video on my iPad. Podcasts mainly, but the occasional film.

    I just posted in a thread here about how I need a 64GB iPad to hold all my video, then I started thinking that as I watch most of it in the house, I could probably store the media externally and use the iPad as a screen.

    I use my mbp with iTunes and an external drive, so it is not on all the time. I do have a DROBO and a READYNAS DUO on my network, which could be used as my iTunes drive. Is it possible to simply store the iTunes library on the NAS and serve the iPad?

    I apologies if there is a simple solution to this, I am massively overtired and every time I start to think about it all I hear in my head is "LA LA LA LA LA LA". :D
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    Many apps require that a server be running, so your Mac or some other computer would have to be on.

    You might check into Air Sharing HD or Filebrowser; I think that both can access network storage. But I'm not sure that you could effectively stream from them, you might have to copy the file first and then view it. Which would seem to be a real PITA for just watching a movie. It would certainly seem easier to just fire up the MBP and use Air Video.

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    Feb 16, 2010
    Thanks, and it is the ease of use I'm after. But, if I had to power up my laptop, that still kind of ruins it....I might as well view on the mbp's 15" screen.

    While at work it occurred to me that I could use the NAS as my iTunes drive and use an app to play the content from it but, like you've said, I don't think its as easy as that. There does need to be software on a pc somewhere in the mix.

    My next thought was :apple:tv, but I have to look into that.

    Its strange that this can't be done. Like I said I'm sleep deprived, I'll come back to this later..... :confused:

    EDIT: It looks like FileBrowser is what I'm looking for, (since the video will be in Ipad ready formats, so no conversion).

    I'm not sure how well using the NAS to sync and backup the iPad will work. I might create a regular backup of the iTunes folder so everything is copied to the NAS and I can stream them from there.

    I think this is the way to go.....means a little bit of fuss, but I can't think of an easier way at the moment.

    I'm still open to better ideas though. ;)
  4. whitenoise thread starter macrumors regular

    Feb 16, 2010
    Well that worked. :) - FileBrowser app & NAS.

    I just need to clone the iTunes folder after I've downloaded new content and I'm set. It seems to play podcasts - audio and video - without a problem, although it won't convert non compatible sources, of course.

    I'll see how my usage changes over the next few months, but I'm thinking that if I get used to using the iPad like this at home, I may just get a 16GB iPad3, (if its worth the upgrade). The data I would need to store on the Ipad itself could be dramatically cut, or even used for all that stuff I've not been able to store before. :D

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