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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by 1458279, Jan 24, 2011.

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    I'm trying to reduce some of the costs of developing apps. If the target app will be best suited for the iPad and I later develop another app better suited for the iPhone, can I use the iPad to test apps for an iPhone.

    I don't want to have to buy both, I don't need another phone, and don't want monthly payments.

    If I had to choose only ONE wouldn't the iPad be the better choice?
    I'm assuming the iPad has all the functionaly of an iPhone except the 'phone' part such as gps, gyro, etc...

    I'm guessing the guts of both of these are basically the same except the screen size and phone parts.

    So do I have this backwards or am I missing something?

    Edit: ok I just realized on difference is the camera/video recorder. I'm guessing the access ports would be different too (usb or others) Looks like this might be a bad idea.

    Actually I guess I should make this comparison iPad Touch instead of iPhone because I understand they are the same without the phone part. That would probably be the better compare.
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    Never underestimate device differences. Having worked in QA, it is vital you check on many devices.

    An iPod touch 4G would be closest to the iPhone 4, but just an iPad isn't good enough. Unless of course you could outsource the testing to trusted friends with devices?
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    You might even trust beta testing to strangers with the proper devices. I believe there are some services out there that will get you connected with them.
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    You can easily use an iPad to test non-Universal iPhone apps in 1X zoom mode.

    But be careful to stay far away from any potential performance problems, as even the iPhone 4 can be around 25% slower. Note that your app will be limited to deployment on OS 4.2 and above, as these are the only iOS versions that are common to both the iPad and smaller iDevices.

    If you plan on supporting other older devices, realize than they can be far slower and have less memory than an iPad, so you may need to test your app on these actual devices, unless you are developing the type of app that uses very little memory, CPU and GPU cycles, and you know how to use Instruments to make sure of this.

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