Using iPad to take notes in class

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    I am looking for a good tablet device to take notes in my graduate classes. The professor uses a tablet with stylus and works great.

    Can anyone recommend what apps and accessories I would need with the iPad to accomplish this or if a better alternative exists?

    I use a Windows computer as my primary but have an iPhone 4. I am in business school so using a Mac is difficult.

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    I use NoteShelf it is $4. 99 and works great, I use this for work meetings and school, I now no longer use paper except when required at a class. Ghostwriter Notes is also very good, the only difference for me was that NoteShelf allows to takes pictures from within the app and add it to a note while Ghostwriter only allows to import images not take them. Both Apps allow you to export notes to dropbox, evernote, or email them.
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    I'd highly recommend the Jot stylus, it's far more precise than any other stylus I've ever used. I picked mine up during the Kickstart which has ended but they are available for preorder.

    I'm still trying to decide which note taking app I like best.
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