Using iPhone 3G without Data?

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    Hey guys, I tried to look for topics about this issue but haven't found any..

    I am giving my iPhone 3G to my mom... But she doesn't use internet, and I don't wanna add a data plan for her, I just want voice a voiceplan. What's the safest way to do it WITHOUT AT&T knowing that I'm using an iPhone?

    She used to use a RAZR, and her SIM card says 3G, but she never had a data plan for her RAZR.. We're on a family plan...

    Currently my iPhone 3G is running 3.1.3

    My question is, if I jailbreak it, would that keep AT&T from finding out that I'm using an iPhone?

    For now what I did is connected her to our house wifi connection, turned off 3G, and pretty much deleted all my apps that require "data" and i'm gonna tell her not to go into any apps until someone from this lovely forum helps me out :D

    Thanks a lot :)

    PS: I ported my AT&T number to Virgin Mobile for the Optimus V.. Just FYI..

    Also, jailbroken doesn't necessarily mean unlocked right?
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    You didn't search hard enough, because there have been numerous posts on this subject.

    The best way is to put a pay as you go sim into her phone. AT&T can't force a data plan onto pre-paid. There is no jb program that can keep AT&T from detecting the iPhone.

    You are correct: jb doesn't equal unlocked. JB lets you install ultrasnow, which lets you unlock.
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    Jan 11, 2011
    I didn't know that a pre paid sim would work in an iPhone. I probably should have searched too. ;)
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    At the iPhone hacks section.

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