Using iPhone 4s or similar as audio meter and recorder HELP

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    Oct 25, 2008
    I am hoping someone perhaps could point me to an application that works on the iPhone 4s or iPad 3 that will do all or some of the following -

    Meter db levels
    record audio from 20-20khz along with frequency range of sound

    My goal is to record "noise" levels that exist in a building. It would be useful to be able to tell the frequency levels of the noise, in particular 17-100 but 20-20khrz would work well enough and if possible to stay on for a few hours so that inconsistent noise could be recorded for duration, frequency as mentioned and db. Most of the noise sits at the lower end in the frequency range and I don't know of any app that does the above.

    Any help would be appreciated and if this is not available, is there an inexpensive alternative? The noise is mostly coming from a mechanical source and it includes typical audible sound, humming and noise sitting at the infra-sonic range (vibrations etc.).

    Thanks in advance.

    - Phrehdd
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    Jun 24, 2013

    Not sure but AudioTools by Studio Six Digital with the Smaart Tools I upgrade (under Acoustics) may do what you are looking for. It is expensive and I haven't tried that particular add on but maybe...!
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