Using iPhone and Mac for Notes - how?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by macbook123, Aug 14, 2009.

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    I'd like to be able to view and edit notes on my iPhone and Macbook Pro. For example: it is convenient to type the longish parts of notes on the laptop, yet e.g. in the case of a shopping list I don't want to carry the whole thing with me to town. However if I think of something to add to the list while I'm on my way, I'd need to do so on the phone. The only mediocre solution I've been able to come up with is to use the Notes feature of and have an IMAP folder this is stored in which I can also access with the phone. This solution is mediocre for at least two reasons:

    1) Can't edit notes on the iPhone

    2) Notes aren't automatically backed up by, rather I have to click "Done" on the laptop, thereby closing the note, to store it on the server.

    Another solution I thought about is using the Notes application built into the iPhone. However as far as I can tell Notes can't be wirelessly synced (not even with MobileMe membership, wtf?), and those notes can't be edited on the Mac in any event.

    It seems that sharing notes between Mac and iPhone would be the single most obvious software feature to have, so I'm 90% sure I must be missing what is already there in OS X.

    Thanks for reading and your ideas...
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    Notes that are stored locally on your Mac (in can be synced to your iPhone (Notes app) and vice/versa. Notes created on one device can be edited on the other.

    Just yesterday I was out and I made myself a few notes on a paper I was writing, I got home, connected my iPhone to my Mac and my Notes appeared in the Notes folder of

    Unfortunately they do not sync automatically, but only when the iPhone is connected via USB. In iTunes enable Notes syncing.
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    Thanks. This works OK as long as I keep the phone connected to the computer, to close Notes on before leaving, as well as to sync before I disconnect. In real life it seems to be tricky to always remember these thing.

    Would it be difficult to write an application that syncs wirelessly? Apparently it would be, otherwise that application would exist, or it would be part of MobileMe.
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    Jan 28, 2005
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    SimpleNote FTW. Fits all your needs. It's simple, syncs to the Interwebs with no monthly fees, has a very nice password-protected web interface, and it just works.

    I actually use the web interface more than the iPhone interface. One of my top 3 favorite apps; worth every penny as a simple notetaker.

    A tip for SimpleNote: type the first line of your notes in all caps, makes it a bit easier to scan the titles of your notes.

    Evernote is good, too, but too complicated for my needs.
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    Simplenote--is there a desktop version?

    I have a mac and ipod touch and lousy dsl service.

    Can i enter notes on my mac if i am offline? or do i have to be on the web?

    You can view/edit notes on the touch when offline? right?

    Can you copy and paste from web page into simplenote? screen shot?

    I was using evernote, but i can't see my favorites when offine anymore.


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