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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by antdfsc, Jul 3, 2009.

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    Hello, I will be traveling to Toronto next week, and I called AT&T to find out what the rate would be, and it is $.79 per minute! I set my phone so international data roaming is off, will I still get voice mails? I would assume no, but I was just curious. Any other suggestions, I don't want any surprise bills! Thanks!
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    i travel frequently internationally with my iphone, (at&t).

    if you turn off roaming and location services you will not have any surprises, one exception, text messages!

    if you get any incoming calls send them to voicemail, then use skype on WIFI to wrap up voice business.

    you'll get txt messages! you pretty much cant stop them, and they add up. about fifty cents each. The only way to stop all charges really would be to just keep the phone in airplane mode and use WiFi.

    Last month i was in Bogota Columbia for 36hrs, and St. Johns Newfoundland (canada) for 24 hours. between those two brief trips i spent about $150 in text message fees! ouch :) i was doing a lot of texting while i was out of the country so i was prepared for it.

    enjoy your trip!
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