Using iPhoto AND Dropbox?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by boomerang12, Sep 5, 2014.

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    Is there a point to sync up your iPhone photos with both iPhoto and Dropbox on the Macbook? What about backing up with iTunes?

    My problem is this: I have a 16gb iPhone and have run out of room to store photos so I save down my old photos, delete them from my iPhone, take more photos, and repeat. When I get the new iPhone 6 with a larger storage capacity, will I be able to restore ALL of my photos that I have saved on iPhoto/Dropbox/iTunes?

    Thanks so much for the help.
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    the point would be to have TWO backups. i can't see much other reason. i save important kid pictures to the photo stream, phone is backed up to the iCloud, and i load all pics i want to keep to my iMac iPhoto every know and then, which is backed up 2x to external hard drives. if you want to keep them safe you need at least 2 backups in my opinion. good luck.
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    I used to have my iPhoto Library on Dropbox, my reason was that I have more than one Mac... this way your Library looks the same on any computer

    I dont anymore because I mainly use a "real" camera now, and cant be bothered with a "photo library app"

    misread the topic :) ... I thought you meant having iphoto-lib on dropbox
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    You can sync photos from iPhoto back onto your new iPhone, using iTunes. What you can do is make one or more albums in iPhoto containing the images you want to have on your iPhone. In iTunes' Photos sync settings, use the "Sync only selected..." option, and select those albums you want to put onto the iPhone.

    Will you be able to restore ALL the photos in iPhoto to your new iPhone? That depends on how many there are.

    Personally, I have no need to carry each and every photo with me on my iPhone or iPad. I only carry photos I would want to show (or admire on my own), and what I want to display changes. If I'm visiting family, I may take most of my regular photos off the iPad to make room for some rather large albums containing weddings and other family events. I'll deselect albums like "Alaska Selects" and "Monterey 2010" in the sync settings, and select "Martha and John's Wedding (which I normally would not carry around).

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