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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by richard2010, Dec 25, 2010.

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    I have a relatively stupid question. I am new to Mac and just bought my computer in July. So far, I'm confused about using iPhoto.

    When I put my SD card in the computer, it asks if I want to import these pictures to iPhoto, which I want to do. So I import them, edit them, organize them, etc. What I don't get is where are these pictures being stored? If I want to copy these edited images back onto my SD card, where can I find them to copy and paste off? After editing and cropping a picture, does iPhoto make a copy of the original? If so, where? If I want to have the original images on top of what I imported to iPhoto, do I also need to separately save the files from my SD card into the Pictures folder when importing?

    Sorry if this is obvious, I just haven't figured this out.


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    The iPhoto picture storage folder is in your user account/Pictures/iPhotoLibrary.
    Although your user account appears under places, user accounts are stored on the hard drive under the hard drive/Users.

    To get to what the clone calls "My Computer", cause the Finder to become active (click on the desktop) and press apple-N. Or you can double-click the hard drive icon on the desktop. Although this method canBe used to manually move pictures around, I never use it. Toying around in the folders of the hard drive is archaic. Just use iPhoto because it is easier. If you are worried about backups, use Time Machine.

    Select the photo and press apple-C to copy it. Then paste it into another application. You can also left-click (or control-click if you have redefined the left-click like I have) and applicable options appear.

    DoNot be afraid of your Mac. It isNot fragile like your old clone. I have discovered, however, that renaming/moving files in your Applications folder will cause problems with automatic updating of the programs. It is also best to leave everything in the System and Library folders alone.

    You will discover that the originals are kept and iPhoto will allow you to revert to the original.
    You will also discover the apple key is used on a Mac like the control key is used on a clone.
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    Jan 2, 2009

    Another question. Does the Mac store the iPhoto edited pictures in a folder? I mean like when I go to Users>Richard>Pictures>iPhoto Library, it launches iPhoto. Is there not just a plain old folder where it stores things? If not, I guess I can just copy and paste right out of the application, thats not a problem. But, for example, what if I want to crop a picture and have the original, uncropped picture remain in the library? After I edit something, the original is gone. How do I keep it without having the revert the cropped image? (Also, how do I do that?)
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    Your iPhoto Library is a package. Right click, Show Package Contents, will open it, but mess with it's contents at your peril.

    Among other files, it contains two Folders, Original and Modified. When you edit a picture and save the edit, it is stored in the Modified folder, but still displayed in the main iPhoto window. The original is stored in the Originals folder. I don't think that you are able to have both on display, unless you make a duplicate before you edit.

    To revert an edited photo back to the original, the option is in the iPhoto, Photos menu.

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