Using ipod video AV cable with iphone+external storage devices

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by dimitrikkk, May 11, 2009.

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    May 5, 2009
    I am still getting used to the iphone and I like it but there are quite a few things that make me angry but it is a great phone overall. I used to have a blackjack 2 and I really loved it(until it started to get screwy with me) Could not replace it because the little box that detects if damage was associated with water submersion, and that was slightly red, so it would of costed 300, not really worth it. So my brother was eligible for an upgrade where he gave me his iphone 2.2.1 and he got the new 3g. Love the fact that ATT cancels the insurance when switching to iphone.
    Anyways, my question has to do with a cable my younger brother bought by accident as it said it was only for use with the ipod video(generation 5) or what ever. I have been looking at every website possible and can not seem to find a way to maybe download and install ipod video firmware so the cables work, however I have read that the ipod touch/iphone simply are not capable of using the same hardware just by simply installing the different firmware. The cable is a MONSTER iTV AV cable. heres a link of what it looks like with some specs:
    now the reason I am trying to use this is because A. Brother buys it(as well as many other things) and did not work and never bothered to take it back. B. Cost fair amount of money(I do believe monster cable is slightly overpriced) If someone thinks I should just delete this and copy it to the hack section for iphone threads I will do so gladly.
    Other question has to do with that of anyone being familiar with any external memory devices that would be like an iphone dock with an external hard drive or sd/memory card reader? I like watching movies and they take up quite a bit of memory.
    Well anyways, I want to apologize for typing and making it seem more complicated then it really is, especially when I am going to get a yes or no answer. Any help, advice, links, anything would be appreciated.
    Thank You
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    Aug 25, 2008
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    Ipod Cables are not compatible with the iPhone.

    The new cables have a special chip that is required to work with the iPhone.

    There are currently only two cables I would recommend

    the schosche cables, and the apple A/V cables

    read my thread for further information .

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