Using Lion Server to sync Logic project folders

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    Hey guys,

    I use a MacBook Pro for all my music producing in Logic. One day I'd like to get an iMac for my home studio. Would it possible to use Lion Server to sync Logic Pro project folders? For example, let's say I've been working on a song using the iMac. For some reason, I have to travel and I'd take my MacBook Pro with me. Would the Logic project of that song automatically be on the laptop? And if I made any changes to the song while on the road, would they be automatically synced to the iMac when I get home?

    Thanks in advance for any answers :)
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    Does your MBP have a Thunderbolt port? If yes, I would suggest just getting a TB-compatible external drive and using it on both machines.

    Also, if you were to get a Mac Pro rather than an iMac (HINT HINT! :D) there is a company who makes a neat little device. It's a drive sled with an onboard raid controller for 2 2.5" drives. The kicker- not only does it slide right into the Mac Pro, but it's got USB and Firewire ports on it as well.
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    I would use an external hard drive for anything Logic.

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