Using MacBook with External Display and NO AC POWER ADAPTER...PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!


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Oct 19, 2006
If this has been a recent post, or a common topic, I do apologize, but I am going nuts here! :eek: PLEASE HELP!

I am hooking up my MacBook (OS 10.4.8) to an external LCD TV, using the mini DVI to VGA adapter, and am experiencing (small) issues. Pretty much everything works fine, except for if I want to close the lid of my MacBook, and use ONLY the external display. Here's the catch, which I'm assuming most of you who have attempted this have experienced, I DO NOT want to use the AC power adapter for the MacBook.

Without the power adapter plugged into the MB, after the lid is closed, everything gets put to sleep, including the TV. If I use the Apple Remote, or bluetooth mouse or keyboard, I am able to wake the laptop, but it only remains on for about 5 seconds, then everything shuts off again! (Obviously, when the power adapter is plugged in, it remains on)

Believe it or not, (unless I'm going nuts) I did get it to work twice tonight, then when I unplugged everything and started over to figure out how I did it, I was unable to achieve this again. From what I remember, using only the Apple Remote, when the MB's lid was shut, I somehow managed wake the MB, and turn the display off on the MB, and leave it off. While it was off, the external TV remained on and did not get shut off after 5 seconds like normal. I don't know exactly how I did this, or if it was just some weird mistake the system didn't catch.

Can anyone do this?! :confused: :confused: :confused: There HAS to be a way! I know someone out there has to have an answer to this! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!



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Dec 24, 2004
Finally I have arrived.....
With clamshell mode connected to ACD, your Mac goes to sleep mode if it is on the battery power only. That is how it is designed by Apple. It has been that way even with PowerBook.
I don't mind this feature as I would rather use the ac adaptor to prolong the longevity of the battery.


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May 30, 2006
Plug in the AC adapter, set it all up and then close the lid to put it to sleep. Wake it up while in clamshell mode and it should only detect your TV.

After you have awaken the beast within (pun) you can take out the AC adapter but if it goes to sleep you would most likely have to repeat the above steps.
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