Using MBP as an HTPC, cooling pad advice??

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Blazer5913, Nov 1, 2010.

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    Hey guys. I am currently using a 15" MBP from mid 2007 (pre aluminum unibody design). Anyways, I am in desperate need of an upgrade, so I am planning on buying a 13" MBA (+4gb RAM upgrade). Anyways, I just did a clean install of Snow Leopard on the MBP and was surprised how quickly it could run again haha (it had SOO much clutter on it from before). I was also thinking about purchasing a Mac Mini for an HTPC+Plex option, but now that this MBP has new life, I can save some money and use its power as a HTPC replacement and just buy the necessary "hookup" cords. So my questions are: will having my MBP in clamshell mode for basically "all the time" hurt the computer or screen? I want to try and keep it as cool as possible so I was thinking of purchasing a cooling pad "device" to place the computer on top of, in addition to providing it with plenty of ventilation. What do you guys think of this MBP as an HTPC idea, and any recommendations of decent cooling pads. I don't care if the power comes from USB or electrical outlet, I have both options. Thanks guys (and anyone who says, why don't you just keep the MBP as your laptop if its running smooth again... well, I just WANT the MBA haha, its too nice to pass up! thanks again)
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    I have my MBP 17" with an i7 resting in THIS chillmat, mainly because it's an i7, but I think it would be wise to leave your MBP on this. Any computing device will operate more efficiently and last longer the cooler it is kept. I like your idea and enjoy the new MacBook Air!
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    You don't really need a cooling pad. Just place it on top of something so that there is enough airflow below the MBP as most of the heat dissipate through the bottom.
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    From experience, if you're just going to be outputting HD content to a TV, you probably won't need a cooling mat. Yes, playing HD media will work your computer more than other media formats like DVD's or simple .avi/.wmv or whatever you might be playing but temperatures won't exceed 70 degrees C (and that's playing full 1080p files) so you're probably going to be under the 70 C which is more than safe.

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