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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by msw123307, Apr 9, 2009.

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    My imac is my primary computer. I'm trying to transfer my applications, along with my music, to my macbook. I have my iMac backed up via time machine on an external drive.

    I hooked up my macbook to the external and ran migration assistant. I tried to transfer the applications, but it said - "create a new acct..existing user account is the same"

    naturally, i use the same name for both my imac and macbook. so i changed the user name and account to my imac and my imac.

    so what is going to happen if i transfer this? does it create a new user account on my macbook with these programs or what? i dont understand what the issue with accounts is with migration assistant, seems like it would be easy if i could just transfer photo folder, etc without having to create different name.

    also when i transfer applications does it transfer all the info, preferences, etc?
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    The applications and any other "universal" data would be accessible regardless of the user, other than maybe being limited if running a Standard account. Admin accounts would be no problem (if you only have one user, it is Admin). Some system additions like third party system preferences when installed, can typically be installed universally or for that specific user, which would reflect the same when transferring them over. I always reinstall those small few additions I have when in the same position as you because they are small in size and few in number.

    After that, the personal data, documents, music, movies, address book data, mail, and anything else in that is located in the home folder would be particular to that specific user, regardless of account type; unless you logged into that user and placed the data into the home Public folder which can be accessed by anyone.

    I would suggest using the MA to transfer over the "universal" data, and then just navigating through the external and physically dragging and dropping over the info from the Docs, Music, Photos, and the like.

    Address book data I believe is located in the home folder/library/Application Support, as well as home/library/address book. Mail is done in a similar fashion, but copying over that data (through MA or otherwise) would replace your current contacts and mail info. That's sort of the reason MA would require you to transfer the data as the user as a whole, and can't do so if there is another user with the same name.

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