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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by fredf, Oct 16, 2009.

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    Oct 31, 2008
    I just returned from a cycling trip to Italy. I was hoping to save money and not have to buy something like Navigon, thinking MotionX might be enough. I wasn't even sure if Navigon would have the kind of cycling routes I would sometimes be on (dirt roads sometimes).

    I must say that using MotionX was disappointing.

    Obviously I wanted offline maps so I wouldn't be bankrupted by data charges.
    Before leaving, I downloaded the maps I thought I would need. However, MotionX makes that a very difficult and very time consuming task. You must load each map tile by tile for area AND zoom level.
    That meant I had to open MotionX and go to each area and scan multiple screens (in order to download each one) and do it over and over again in each zoom level that I thought I might need (which turned out to not be enough on a couple of occasions).

    MotionX does not make this job easy!

    Then, the maps. This isn't MotionX's fault but many of the maps are virtually useless. Venice has NO street names, for instance, and other areas are poorly laid out.

    What MotionX was good for was finding me and so allowing me to find myself on a map and at least know which direction to head in.

    But MotionX will not allow one to lay out a route in advance--it only allows you to track a route as you go on it. So it is almost useless for directions.

    As well, although I read the manual thoroughly and used it several times when cycling before I left, I really still cannot navigate easily in the program. MotionX is really not a clean and intuitive interface to my thinking.

    In sum: MotionX did help me in a jam a couple of times by finding my location but was pretty useless to use as a moving map. And the map sources are very difficult to download, you cannot do any pre-planning and it isn't very pretty.

    I guess it was worth $2.99 but not much more.
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    Aug 11, 2009
    One feature I hope they add is the ability to cache a entire trip like Mapquest does automatically when calculating the route.

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