Using multiple external displays on my '08 macbook.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Hylekmi, Jan 11, 2012.

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    Im looking for a way to connect my monitors to my macbook. I already have one connected and i just bought another one. The problem is...i went to the apple store looking for a way to use both of them and they said that Its not possible. How ever I disagree. I did some research on this and i found something like this( ) Before i buy this i need to know if my macbook can handle it. I am just going to be using it for school(java programming and some html)
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    You definitely can do it. In fact I'm typing to you on my 2nd external monitor right now.

    I can point you to this thread. there are other usb-dvi converters. similar to the one you posted.

    I myself have a diamond BVU1000 (supports hdmi, they were 20 bucks at newegg two weeks ago, but are out of stock and it seems that the deal has ended). I also have a BVUMD3 (now discontinued) nit had a built-in 3 port hub as well as the usb-dvi converter.

    they work well, they aren't great for video... it can be done but your cpu activity will shoot up like crazy, and your fans will whir like a hurricane. I've used two at a time as well as an external in the mini dp and the notebook monitor, it all works great and looks incredible.

    besides this option, another one is the matrox boxes. The matrox boxes work differently than usb displays. with the usb, each monitor shows up in the display preference pane as its own entity, that you can resize, rotate and move around. The matrox plays some games(if you are familiar with AMD eyefinity, this is how the matrox boxes work, the desktop spans all the screens, they aren't "seperate")..... say you have two 1920x1080 monitors, the matrox display will group them together and present them to your OS as ONE single 3840x1080 display. So say you watch a video full screen with the matrox setup, it will span both screens, so even though you have two physical monitors, your computer will only see it as one(with the usb solutions, full screen will stay confined to one monitor). If you can live with everything spanning two monitors.... this is the better solution, because it uses the minidp adapter only, and thus only uses the video card. a usb solution uses cpu, and watching video on it won't really work well. WIth a matrox display adapter(or similar) its just as though your comp is driving a super high res monitor, which it can handle more easily than usb.

    hope that helped, matrox also has triple display solutions as well. heres a link to a short thread and one to the companies website

    i got my monitors for coding, and it works great for things like that. I'm so happy with my adapters
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    heres a nice video showing what the matrox box does (in case I wasn't clear) this was from the matrox website

    there are also other versions that just use dvi, instead of displayport(you wouldn't need so many adapters)..... note however that you'll then need a minidp-DUAL LINK dvi adapter. and from the apple store those cost 100 bucks...

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