Using my iPad to upgrade to an iPhone 4.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Tom G., Jun 16, 2010.

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    An iPad Adventure

    It began yesterday morning at a little after three in the morning when my alarm woke me up so I could see if the Apple Store was open and I could preorder an iPhone 4. I had the iPad on the night stand plugged in to re-charge and so I turned it on and since the store was open I tried to preorder.

    I don't have to give you the gory details of what ensued, there are plenty of posts on plenty of forums for you to see. I tried until it was time to go to work. Since I had left the iPad charging while making these attempts it was fully charged when I left the house.

    I work as an instrument tech, and the other techs realized what I was trying to do and gave me some leeway yesterday as in between calls and jobs I would try to complete the preorder. At morning break and lunch and afternoon break I would try again and again without stopping, and of course as many times in between as I could without making my co-workers upset with my activities. But, of course, I was not successful.

    When I got home I tried twice more on the iPad then switched to the iMac and on the fifth attempt was finally successful in preordering.

    The whole gist of this report is to say that the iPad working on 3G at work for about 9 hours still had 63% charge on it when I got home. It got into the store and went through the process numerous times without fault until the servers kicked us out. I think the iPad performed as well as any computer would have under the circumstances and with a little luck would have been successful on its own.

    Where the iMac had an apparent advantage was its speed on the internet. The 3G network was slower than the direct connection that the iMac had

    However there it is, I am very pleased with the performance of the iPad under trying conditions.
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    Apr 15, 2010
    I made my AT&T pre-order via the iPad and a MiFi from my hotel room early Tuesday morning. While I finally got it to work (not the iPad's fault but AT&T/Apple's website issues), I wish to god I had brought my laptop with me on this trip. The main reason is that by the time I got to the confirmation screen, I had to run catch my plane. A little later I re-opened Safari to do a quick screen grab of the confirmation page and lovely iPad Safari decided to "refresh" the page for me since its freakin' brain-dead and can't hold more than a "Hello World" web page in memory without wanting to refresh it.

    Of course, I lost my confirmation number and it took 48 hours before I finally got a confirmation email from AT&T.

    Moral of lesson....take screenshots of anything important when using Safari on the iPad because THAT part of the browsing experience is anything but magical.

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