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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kwerner2, Jun 10, 2011.

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    I will be traveling to Canada next week (and I will only be there for 5 days) and I was wondering what I should do in regards to using my iPhone. I've heard about AT&T's Canada plan for around $5/month. Is that all I need to do to use my phone while in Canada and not receive any insane charges? What exactly does this plan entail (email, text, calls, etc.)?

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    I can't really give you advice on the plan... But I literally just drove back across the border this morning so I thought it would post here. I was there for a week on a fly in fishing trip, and as soon as I crossed the border I left my phone in airplane mode to avoid charges. But most likely whatever plan att has will be like 50¢ per text, at least that's how it was when I was in Italy. I wouldn't recommend using any data otherwise your gonna have a huge charge... This is the text you get when your close to Canada's cell towers

    Intl data rate of $15.36/MB applies. Domestic data rate does NOT apply in this location. Details: AT&T Free Msg
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    You'll need a plan to cover your data and calling. If you're going for 5 days you can probably make do with the 20MB of international data plan for $24.99(if you don't add on international data plan, expect to pay around ~$20 per MB).

    Calling will be either $.79 per min with a standard feature or $.59 per min with a discounted feature.

    Text: standard is $.50 per message you send, any ones you receive will come off your domestic plan. The second option, global messaging 50: you get 50 messages to send, like the standard feature, any ones you receive will come off of your domestic plan. If you go over the 50, it's $.40 per message.

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