Using my old 3g for an international phone

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    Hi all,

    I posted a thread in the general iphone board about using an iphone overseas in the most economical way. But I came here to ask a similar (but different question).

    I'll be getting the iphone 4 on release day which will relegate my 3g to basically an ipod. The following week I will be leaving for Australia for about 10 days. Instead of dealing with all the international hoops from ATT to try and be able to use my iphone 4 without going broke (and surely failing miserably), what if I just set up my "old" 3g for international calling. Then I could just get a pay-as-you-go thing going on in Sydney for a few days and be set. Is that right?

    A few questions... would i need to jailbreak and unlock the phone? Or can I just skip straight to the unlock? When I throw a new Australian pay-as-you-go type SIM card in the 3g, will I lose all my phone numbers/apps/music, etc... that is stored on the phone?

    Jsut thinking this may be the easiest solution to my problem. Thoughts? Thanks!

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    I take it you are in US on AT&T.

    You will have to jailbreak then unlock your 3g, see postings in the 'Hacks' section (depending on your firmware).

    Don't know about the jailbreak/unlock for the 4G yet, some postings about this, again in the 'Hacks' section.
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    Yep, thanks for the info! I'm in the US... and am just trying to figure out how to save a few bucks!

    I'll look into the unlock. My basic understanding though is that if I am on the most current firmware I probably wont be able to. I'll have to read a lot more.

    Thanks! Anyone else?

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