Using my VPS as a Mac backup solution

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by fysbne, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Nov 17, 2012
    Im already paying a lot for a VPS and ive got a spare 20gb or so on it which I would like to utilize for backups from my macbook.

    I use time machine sometimes but i dont really like it. My main reason for not liking it is, I only own one Mac. If my mac died.. id be forced to immediately buy a new mac so i could recover my time machine. I have work in progress i need to access immediately. Also of course it saves to a local drive and if my computer + drive was lost I would be stuffed.

    So ive been looking at offline backup solutions. Theres icloud but that just give 5gb free and im not sure if i can automate backup of essentials files (directories) to it. And I dont own ipads or smart phone and dont really want them either so id be paying extra for that functionality i dont need and i already have 20bg online storage available to me.

    Ive got a dropbox account with 10gb included, but ive read about dropbox security issues before meaning anything i put there confidential id need to encrypt first. I have seen some terminal commands that can do this automatically and update overwrite stuff in dropbox. Im not really confident with terminal commands and having processing in background i cant visible see whats going on and turn of later if i wanted to.. something i might forget about or i might be on a slow connection somewhere and have to go into command line and turn the thing off. Not ideal

    So im looking for a program or method to secure ftp a folder to my webserver automaticaly once per day or once per week would suffice. Im on a metered internet connection so if its uploading 20gb per day all my files and replacing them that will use up my isp allowance also.

    Has anyone got any ideas for a solution for me? Am i missing something?

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    I used once a hosting service and had an rsync job running to sync my home server with the remote location. But the hosting company (correctly) locked my account because violation of term of service. I was not allowed to store documents not linked to be web service. So I had to stop that.

    That said: check first if you are allowed to use VPS for that purpose.

    Then rsync is a good and simple function for incremental backups. Google it, there might be some nice wrapper application for it.

    Frontends in the wiki
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    Nov 17, 2012
    I think ive found a better solution although not free


    It backs whatever you want up automatically. Stored encrypted with your own encryption password and you can access the files individually without having to restore the whole thing. Say for example your mac died.. and you didnt have another mac so youd otherwise not have access to your files. With this at least you could access them from a PC or any computer anywhere.

    I cant understand the point of local time machine backups. If someone steals your computer likely they will take your Hd also.

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