Using N95 to Tether iPad to 3G - Works with Joiku!

Discussion in 'iPad Hacks' started by Lhendrick, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Lhendrick macrumors newbie

    Apr 7, 2010
    New york
    Just wanted to report complete success using the Joiku Free application on a Nokia N95 to tether my iPad over 3G (ATT). I am getting great speed, as the N95 even connects at 3.5G (whatever that is). Anyway, I now have viable 3G access from my iPad and am feeling good about buying the WIFI unit.

    Of course, while the SIM is out of the iPhone I am left with using the N95 crappy Symbian S60 based applications and T9 keyboard which is torture for text, but the N95 does have a great camera and video capability,and of course I didn't have to jailbreak it to use Joiku.

    Sorry if this has been covered, but I searched and didn't find this particular solution, so thought I would report success.
  2. mateus macrumors member


    Sep 30, 2007
    I connect my iPod Touch & MacBook to my N95 via Joiku when away out of range of a pubic WiFi spot.

    I'm amazed now simple it is to set up. Just install the Joiku Symbian app and my iPod & Mac finds the new WAN access point straight away.

    Great piece of software (although I'm sure it'll drain the N95's battery).

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