Using new iCloud account: What will happen with previous purchases?

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    Sep 21, 2010
    As many others, I'm a bit confused about the new MobileMe/Apple ID thing. Previously I had a MobileMe account which is now moved to iCloud. But for some years, I had been using my Apple ID for purchases in iTunes (an GMail).

    To prevent me from having to use a different account for iCloud and Store, I'm planning to start using my @Me account for iCloud and future purchases in the Stores.

    My question is; what will happen with my previous purchases in iTunes and App Store? I've tried to log in on Mac App Store with the @Me account -- and all my purchased App are gone, of cause.


    For instance, currently I'm logged in to the Mac App Store with my @Me account. There is an update available for Xcode which had been purchased by my Apple ID. Now I cannot update it without logging with my Apple ID.

    Is the only solution to uninstall Xcode and install it again using the new account? Since I have some non-free applications that is not a good solution (1Password, Growl, Moom etc.). Further I think this problem will be the same on the iOS App Store.

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