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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by bong7r, Mar 21, 2006.

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    hello everyone,

    I saw this restaurant using four 20in LCD displaying the menu. Each screen displays a different picture or part of the menu. I asked around and found out that they are using a PowerMac with multiple video cards. One of the display has a small window that changes pictures every few seconds. I wanted to know if this is some thing that can be done without having to pay for this service. I don't have the budget for it but I am willing to do it myself.

    Does anyone know what program or software could do this. I would like to do the same and just have each monitor display something different. I was also thinking of creating the picture using adobe or powerpiont. The monitors would have to be in portrait and the picture has to take up all the monitor's realstate.
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    Oct 15, 2003
    Yes: MacOS. Any version will do, all the way back to System 6! (You do need the video cards, but as long as you have the video cards, the OS will let you drive multiple monitors with each one functioning as a separate display). No third party software is needed.

    Three screens in use on my PowerBook

    EDIT: I may have misconstrued what you were asking. Are you asking about what software will display images in full-screen mode on different screens simultaneously? (And cycle through images in some fashion as well?) You could do it in FileMaker Developer / Advanced, opening four windows in kiosk mode (no window borders) and specifying the x, y coordinates and height/width so as to occupy each screen with a window, and then have a looping script call an image to display in a container field on the appropriate screen. There may be far cheaper ways of doing it, perhaps with shareware or freeware image-display software, but none is coming to mind offhand.


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