Using Personal Hotspot at same time as wired network?

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    Oct 7, 2011
    I tried searching for this answer, and came up empty. I have an existing wired ethernet network that I have several devices (such as an external backup hard drive), all connected to a router, that is also connected to my current satellite internet connection.

    Since my iPhone 4S is so much faster than my satellite internet (and cheaper!), I would like to use it to tether to my Windows 7 PC for internet connectivity, so that I can turn off my expensive satellite internet. My problem is that I cannot seem to access the router and the personal hotspot at the same time?!?!

    Is this possible? Does anyone have ideas on how I can maintain my existing wired connection to my router, so that I can use my backup device and other connected devices, and at the same time, use my iPhone for internet use? I tried using the Bridge Connections option, but it was only able to access the internet, and not the router, even though both were enabled. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Jun 11, 2011
    Congrats on your 4s!
    Keep in mind that you lose a lot of speed tethering. I have never been able to tether using my iphone4 because of the speed. (a lil exaggerating :) ) I would test it before you cancel.

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