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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by doralevich, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. doralevich macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2008
    Hey All,

    I just got a MacBook and trying to log on to my PC in the office and having trouble. I've downloaded Mac's Remote Desktop Option, opened up port 3389 (as per the instructions from someone at MAC, and still can not log in.

    Does anyone know what else if anything I need to do to get this working?

  2. psychofreak Retired


    May 16, 2006
  3. John.B macrumors 601


    Jan 15, 2008
    Holocene Epoch
    What are you trying to remote into? XP Home? XP Pro? Vista?
  4. doralevich thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2008
  5. John.B macrumors 601


    Jan 15, 2008
    Holocene Epoch
    I think the version of XP you are running is important. IIRC, Remote Desktop is a feature only in XP Pro. For XP Home I think it has to be Remote Assistance which means different permissions, etc. are required to get it to work.
  6. TheStu macrumors 65816

    Aug 20, 2006
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    Exactly right, you need XP Pro for Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 2 Beta to work (which is the best option right now for this sort of thing)

    Or, if you are using XP Home, you can configurify some VNC action since Leopard has a built in VNC viewer and server.
  7. doralevich thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2008
    I am running XP Professional in the office. It is networked if that makes any difference. All of my settings in the office (where I want to connect to) are correct. I know this because from my Older Laptop (which is also Windows based) I have no problems logging in using my IP address, network username and password.

    On my MacBook is where I downloaded Remote Desktop for Windows (BETA) - are there several versions of this?

    Thank you...

    John B. wrote IIRC below, what is that? :confused:
  8. SDDave2007 macrumors regular

    Apr 12, 2007
    IIRC=If I recall correctly

    Also... If you setup is like mine... there are VNC security setting that need to be configured on the MAC end to authenticate your attempt to log in to the remote computer.

    I have a MacPro with Parallels, and use RemoteDesktop from the Parallels/Window side of my Mac to log into our PC network at the office [taking control of my office desktop]. However, since the VNC package [from Cisco] came with a script to install the security.. Nobody knows what VNC I need to install in OSX, nor what settings to make so I can use the OSX remote desktop instead.
  9. zombitronic macrumors 65816


    Feb 9, 2007
    Can you give us a little info on your network layout?

    I'm wondering if your Mac and your PC are on the same local network, or rather, are they hooked up to the same router? You say that your laptop can connect quite easily. Is this wireless? If so, it sounds like your laptop connects to the same router that your Windows PC is plugged into. Even if it's connected via a physical ethernet cable, it still sounds like it's connected to the same router. This is the easiest set up since you don't need to worry about port forwarding.

    If your Mac is down the line and therefore NOT connected to the same router as your PC, then port forwarding comes into play. You would need to access the router that your PC is connected to, probably via the web based interface, (something like 192.168.#.# - whatever the router's IP address is,) search around for port forwarding, (sometimes says application forwarding,) and enter the TCP port 3389 and your PC's IP address.

    You said your Mac already has port 3389 open. That should be all you need. In the Remote Desktop application on your Mac, just plug in the IP address of the router that the Windows PC is connected to and you should be good. You can also try putting :3389 on the end of the IP address. I don't think you have to, but if it doesn't work the normal way it's worth a try.

    If this doesn't sound like your network setup, let me know and I'll see if I can give you any other tips.
  10. doralevich thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2008
    Thank you for the detailed is a description of what I am trying to do.

    At home (offsite from my office) I had a Dell Laptop. I used the remote desktop feature to log in to my office in New York City. I have no problems doing this. My office PC in New York City is networked and I am running Windows XP Pro on it.

    I now purchased a MacBook to replace my Dell Laptop at home. I am trying to log in to my Office PC but getting a system busy error - for weeks now. I type in the correct IP address as I did on the Dell Lap top, get the same remote username and password reqest, then Iget the error.

    On my home wireless linksys router, I opened up Port 3389, and last night I uninstalled and reinstalled the remote desktop program for MAC.

    Same error.

    I hope this helps...if you need anything else, please let me know.

    Much appreciated.
  11. zombitronic macrumors 65816


    Feb 9, 2007
    I'd like to look closely at the Mac System Preferences, but unfortunately I'm trying to help you out from work right now and I only have access to Windows. I'm going to simulate this setup on my network when I get home. In the meantime, I'd like to try to understand a few details...

    You say you had a Dell Laptop. Is there any chance you still have access to this? I'm just curious if you can still log in to your NY office using your Dell, therefore, ruling out any issues with the PC or network at your office.

    This is where I'm a little confused. Here's a screenshot of the Mac RDC client window:


    The top entry field is where you put your IP address and underneath is where you enter your user name and password. If you enter all the required info correctly in the Mac RDC client (and if everything else works) you are presented with your Windows desktop.

    I believe that if you leave the user name and password blank instead of entering it in the Mac RDC client, you will initiate a Remote Desktop connection which will open your Windows session (in a window, just as if it were going to present your Windows desktop) and you will be prompted with a Windows login box (see below) in the middle of a blank screen.


    From here, you may enter your user name and password and proceed to your Windows desktop (again, if it works).

    So my question is, are you entering your user name and password in the Mac RDC client window (pictured first, above), or are you leaving it blank? Either way should be fine, when it works. However, if you are entering it in the Mac RDC client window and getting an error, we're not sure if you actually connected. If you're leaving the user name and password in the Mac RDC client window blank and are presented with the empty Windows screen with the login box (pictured second, above), then we know that you connected to the machine and it's merely a login issue, not necessarily a connection issue.

    Could you clarify this? If you don't understand, let me know and I'll try to explain myself better.

    I'm assuming that you're running Mac OS X 10.5. Is this correct? I'm just wondering because I know that there are some slight interface differences in the System Preferences between 10.4 and 10.5.

    I'll also try a few things at home and let you know what I come up with.
    Good luck.
  12. psandrews macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2008
    having same problem

    I was so happy to find this thread because I am having the same exact problem.

    I am trying to connect via my iBook G4 (OS 10.3.9) to my computer at work (running on Windows XP). I have went through and changed all the settings at work to get rid of potential firewall issues and to make it available remotely. Thanks to your advice, I went through the process of enabling the 3389 port. I also enabled port 443 because the firewall at work is set with something called a TS Gateway that is on port 443 rather than 3389. I am STILL not able to connect and get an error message (which takes FOREVER to appear and sometimes does not even appear - my computer just thinks and thinks until I stop the Remote Desktop program).

    All of this work is due to the fact that, as a mac user, I can not use the online site that allows everyone to connect remotely to my work's PC-driven network with ActiveX Control. Is it possible that the http address dedicated to allowing remote access is interfering with my ability to log on in an alternative way? Do I possibly need to use a port other than 3389 or 443?

    HELP!!! If I can get this to work, I can telecommute 3 out of 4 days a week!!!
  13. psandrews macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2008
    one more thing

    in response to your question regarding what information is being entered into Remote Desktop Connection: I have tried entering EVERYTHING and I have also tried only entering the IP address. Neither works - all I get is a hard-thinking computer or an error message.
  14. Red Sox macrumors regular

    Jul 15, 2007
    I second that. I installed it on my work pc, and now I can access it from any web browser, on any pc or mac. No setup required.
  15. psandrews macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2008
    too good to be true?

    if that's all it takes, i'm going to kick myself for the HOURS(!) i've spent trying to figure this out.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this issue - it was the only place i could get any really helpful answers to this problem.
  16. doralevich thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2008
    Lots of action..looks like I"m not the only one having trouble...

    zombitronic In response to what you wrote me...
    Yes, I do still have my Dell laptop and that's how I have been logging in remotely, so we know that's not the issue.

    The Mac RDC that you have pictured below is differen than what I see. I basically get an IP address to log into, than I get the screen that asks for my username and password. After I hit enter, that's when the computer starts to do it's searching and times out.

    I don't have the other options (Display, local resources, programs, performances) or the connection setting option.

    a haaa...I think I see what you were saying. I should leave the area in the MAC RDC blank and just use my IP address to get to where my computer is. I was typing in my network in fomraiton in the Username and Passsword part on my MAC.

    I'm in the office now, but will certainly give it a shot later tonight when I get home.

    thank you.
  17. jenni3900 macrumors newbie

    Mar 27, 2008
    PC Remote Desktop on Mac - Window Size

    I've had no problems logging in to my work PC from my MacBook, but the window it opens in is really small and I can't figure out how to adjust it. Does anyone know what I can do? Thanks!
  18. zombitronic macrumors 65816


    Feb 9, 2007
    Those images were from 1.0.3. I believe you have the beta version 2.0.


    Here's a link to Microsoft where you can download the stable version 1.0.3 or the beta version 2.0. Since 2.0 isn't getting the job done right now, perhaps 1.0.3 will perform differently. In testing, it can't hurt to try both. It looks like 2.0 doesn't have all the available options that 1.0.3 has, although they may be hidden in a menu.

    I'm not exactly sure what your settings are, but have you tried to completely allow all incoming connections? If it works after this, you can try to configure it just for the RDC application. You can access your firewall settings through Security in the System Preferences.


    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do any tests with this scenario yesterday. As soon as I can, I'll post my results. In the meantime, I hope this is helpful.
  19. psandrews macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2008
    resizing and other issues

    you can set the size of the remote desktop connection window by clicking on the arrow next to options under the area where you enter the IP address before ever logging on to the remote pc. One of the tabs that appears is labelled something like "display" and allows you to set the image size.

    So i downloaded logmein on my pc at work and was able to connect from my mac to my work pc. the image sucks and the connection is really slow but it did work.

    additionally, i was finally able to get remote desktop connection to work on my mac. HOWEVER, i was connected to the internet via my work's wireless router. connecting via my work's router was also the first time i was able to successfully ping my work pc. could the connection via my work's router be the reason i was finally able to make connection? is it possible that my work's router has a particular port set up that i need to make available in the same way i made ports 3389 and 443 available?

    on another note, RDC says you don't need the source computer to be logged on, but when i was logged off my work pc, i could not connect via RDC on my mac. Could this be part of the problem???

    i won't know anything for sure until i try connecting via another wireless internet connection.
  20. psandrews macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2008
    now RDC is NOT working

    okay, so now that I'm using a different wireless router, i can't get my mac to ping my work pc or connect with RDC. ARG! is this a problem with the router i'm currently using or a problem with setting up my work pc to specifically allow access to my home mac. if it is the later, how do i set up my work pc, other than allowing remote connection? and can i do it remotely?
  21. psandrews macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2008
    one last note...

    i thought i would note that even though i am unable to use RDC the logmein is working (but totally sucks!)
  22. doralevich thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 22, 2008
    I downloaded the older version of RDC, no go...I tried not including any information on the MAC go.

    I'm at a loss...
  23. psandrews macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2008
    do you think?

    do you think we need to talk to our system administrators about enabling the IP pathway? I went into the command window and did the ipconfig/all and noticed that IP was disabled. if you haven't tried it already, definitely give logmein. it's slow but it works.

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