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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by jamesapp, Jan 8, 2009.

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    I have a jb iphone running 2.2 firmware. i have open ssh installed. i also have winterboard and the iglossol theme installed. i know a little about ssh'ing, i have cyberduck on a macbook pro. i can create an ad hoc network and login using root as username and alpine as password. one of my major questions is how to change my iphone's appearance? like i wanted to have a different springboard(is that what you call the home screen where all my application icons are?) i wanted to download a image from the internet and use it as my springboard background. but i wanted to keep the icon set from iglossol and the dock from iglossol. i was browsing google for a springboard image, let's say i found an image i liked, how do i use that image as my springboard background image?
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    You can drop it into the theme's folder you want to use, then move that folder to:


    There Library you want to go in is in the ROOT of the drive, then once you put your folder there, you can run Winterboard and apply the theme. For the image to become your background, call it 'Background.png' and have it INSIDE the folder containing your theme(so if your theme is called ILovePuppies, put Background.png inside that folder, then place ILovePuppies into the above mentioned /themes folder).
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    If you are just trying to set an image as your springboard background, then save the image onto the phone, go to settings and set it as your wallpaper, and in winterboard enable user background and move it up on the list above the iglossol theme.

    Using this method will give you the same picture for your springboard and your lock screen. If you want to have different ones on each, then use the method described by No1451.
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    i currently have iglossol as my theme in winterboard. And my iphone has iglossol as it's theme, like the icons, springboard etc. are iglossol. Wouldn't that folder(iglossol) already be in /Library/Themes ? Also if i put my image file which i would call Background.png into the folder(the iglossol folder)would i take out the Background.png from the iglossol folder first?

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