Universal Using Task "Due" Dates as "Remind me on" Dates


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Jun 15, 2011
I've been using "due" dates on Fantastical in an unusual way for a while. When creating tasks, I set the "due" date as the date I want to be reminded about a task, rather than when it's actually due. I know what's important well enough to know what I can put off until tomorrow, and there are lots of things I need to be reminded about in a day, a week, a month, every month, every 3 months, etc., just so that they're back on my radar. In Fantastical, I set reminders to only display on the day they are "due" so that they pop up exactly when I want to be reminded.

What I'm really wondering is, is there another way to accomplish this "reminder" use case in such a way that I'm not always staring at big red "overdue" text? All my reminders for today look overdue even though I merely want them sorted/displayed over time.