Using the full Twitter site on an iPad/iPad2

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    I'm sorry if this information has already been posted. I just figured out how to use the full Twitter site on my iPad2 (it should work on an iPad1 but I'm guessing you'll need iOS 5)

    Firstly, you need to turn private browsing on in your settings. Go on Safari, & go on Twitter. It should take you to a different style of Twitter (blue background) than the usual black background of the mobile site. Scroll to the bottom & you'll see the option to switch to the standard site. Click that & it'll take you to the full twitter site log in (I'd suggest saving this as your bookmark for twitter). Log in & you're on the full site.
    I've been able to make lists for my profile, change the design of my profile, basically everything you can do with the full site, aside from uploading pictures.
    Uploading pictures will have to be done either directly from photos or even the Twitter app.

    Once again, I'm sorry if this has been posted already. I'm just posting what I found out, hope it helps someone. I'll be doing a similar post for iPod touch / iPhone users, as I found the full site on there too. Doesn't require private browsing either. Robert @Robert_JamesUK

    It seems I can't post similar threads for each device, so here's how to do it on an iPod touch / iPhone :
    Go on Safari > Twitter > 'Me' tab > scroll down & click 'settings' > scroll down & click 'standard' site. That'll take you to the full twitter login page. Again, I'd suggest adding as a bookmark.
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