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    I have been using my iPhone without a passcode and last night I was wondering as to how secure a 4 digit passcode will be and maybe start using it. I noticed that it also has an option to erase the data after 10 wrong attempts which is nice, but here is where my questions came.

    1- If for some reason I forget my passcode and I start guessing but after 10 attempts I don’t put the right code my data will be erased but, will I be able to restore all of my data if I connect it to my computer (iTunes) without the passcode?

    2- I how hard would it be for someone to by-pass the 4 digit passcode?

    Thanks a lot
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    My wife secured my iPhone 2G, forgot the password and backed it up... Lost everything. She's got her own iPhone now and doesn't touch mine.
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    1) If you forget and wipe your phone you can restore it from iTunes. I have done this.

    2) How many combinations of 0 - 9 are there with 4 digits. Enable wipe after 10 (less if you use the iPhone Configuration Utility if you want) and they won't get in. The only way around is to delete a file on the device which can only be access by jailbreaking, installing openssh, joining a wifi network and logging in.

    There are other ways that include custom RAM disks but the average joe bloggs is gonna flash your device and flog it.
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    First of all thank you very much for your help!

    It looks like it is a good idea to anable this option.

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