Using Time Machine External for use as iTunes on Windows

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    Hello, I am not sure if this is addressed anywhere I else; I did a relatively thorough scan. I am running Leopard on iMac 24 (2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB 1067 MHz DDr3) and Windows SP2 through boot camp. I recently decided to consolidate my nearly 100 gb of media (music/video/tv/etc) by placing itunes media on an external. Well, I did this successfully but the external I chose had once been reformatted as a time machine. Now, when I go to my library on boot camp windows itunes I cannot read the time machine external at all. Little did I realize I should have reformatted the time machine back to FAT disk before loading all those 100 gigs on there. Is there a way a) windows can read a time machine formatted itunes library (as native to itunes there) or b) I can reformat disk without losing all files (or transferring them to and fro which took nearly 1 week to accomplish? Thanks ahead of time.
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    Jan 14, 2010

    Though I am mesmerized by the macdrive wondering if there is a (freeware) alternative?
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    Depending on how big and full your external is you may just be able to shrink the size of the HFS+ (Time Machine) partition using Disk Utility. Then create a new FAT32 partition in the newly freed space on the disk.

    For example, this would work if you have ~200 GB free on the external, and create a new 200 GB partition on it, then move/copy the iTunes Library from the HFS+ partition to the FAT32 partition. You'd end up with ~100 GB free on each partition by the time you are done.

    EDIT: I am not aware of a free utility that duplicates the functions of MacDrive, but you can copy files from HFS+ drives via HFSExplorer or the Boot Camp 3.0 drivers as described here:


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