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    Sep 7, 2006
    I have been trying and fialing to download bit torrent files at university, like I had been previously at home. Firstly using azureus which did not work as the port connection failed. I assumed this was due to me using the campus network and ports being bloacked or watched, but I found my friend downstairs, who uses windows can download torrents easily with u torrent. So I thought I'd try and use a different client program. I downloaded x torrent, but that just stays 'connecting...' and the status never changes. I then tried tomato torrent but that says 'Problem connecting to tracker - (54, 'Connection reset by peer')', which I don't really even understand, lol.
    I've tried fidling around with my system prefrances for the internet and sharing, turned off my firewall, but nothing seems to work. I had problems configuring azures at home, but I still managed to download something after a long wait.
    Any tips wouls be great, I don't know what I'm doing wrong if my friend can get it to work on the same connection.
    Thanks for reading, hope you can help!
    x Sarah x

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