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    Feb 9, 2011
    I have a remote CMS site online. I need to duplicate the files on my server in a separate folder while I synchronize through my program. (I have also backed up the files from the server to my hard drive) I was told to back up the files
    on the server in a separate folder as well through FTP. I am using Transmit it allows me to duplicate the files, but in the names of the files it includes the word "copy"
    If I screw things up synchronizing then these files won't work because they will
    have the word copy in the name of each file. How do I back up the files
    in a separate folder ON THE SERVER without the word copy in all of the names of the files?
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    This is how I do it in Coda which I'm sure you can in Transmit.

    - Make a new folder .... /backup
    - Select the files and folders and drag the files to /backup while holding the copy keyboard shortcut (command I believe on the top of my head). You should have the little plus sign pop up.
    - You could also try when selecting the file that you right click on one of them to copy and then open /backup and right click and select paste.

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