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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by 8CoreWhore, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Hey, I have an 802.11n AEBS (the older one that won't take the recent software update) and I'd like to set it to "n" only. But then my iPhone 3G won't be able to connect. As such I have it set to either or b/g/n, and when the iPhone is connected my MBP reverts to "g". Is there a way to set up a second wireless router dedicated to the iPhone? I have an old Linksys WRT54 that I could use. I see the "Bridge Mode" in the settings, but can't figure out what else to do...

    EDIT: I just saw on another thread to set up the older router as a bridge.... someone know how?
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    You will need to get a crossover network cable, and connect the old router to one of the output lines on the AEBS. On the old router you need to plug it into one of the 1-4 ehternet lines, not the WAN line. Go into your old router and dissable DHCP. Then in your airport utilities you will need to assign a network address address to the old router and you should be good to go. It took my a while to get mine up and running a bit of help from a good guy but it works perfectly and my speeds are pretty impressive.
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    Setting up your Linksys as a primary and adding AEBS as a secondary is much easier to set up. You won't loose any quality or speed in this matter, because two routers will be connected via ethernet, not wireless.

    Set up your b/g compatible wireless network from Linksys.
    Name the network however you want, security etc.

    Then from one of the Ethernet ports, connect to WAN port on AEBS.
    Best if you reset it to factory setting, select "create a wireless network"
    Name it something different from b/g compatible network, (i.e. xxxg for b/g network, xxxn for n only network)
    select security, allow wireless clients, radio mode to "802.11n only 5GHz"
    From Airport Utility, go to "Internet" tab,
    Under Connection sharing select "Off (bridge mode). Then "Update"

    This way you have created b/g network and a n only network.

    Dealing with WDS or Extend network, wasn't as good as expected.
    It's not the only way of going about it, but I personally prefer this method. This way, I can manage two networks and utilize whichever one I have to.

    If you want to use AEBS as primary and Linksys in the bridge mode,
    I'm sure you can go through this and improvise.
    Should pretty much be the same thing.
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    THANKS! I'll go through all these suggestions - I'm sure it'll work now thanks!

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