Using wifi devices on university/starbucks wifi?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by upsguy27, Oct 14, 2012.

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    I recently moved into my dorm at college, and the wifi here is public, but requires a browser authentication (connect to wifi, open internet browser, login with university password, then browse). It's the same kind of thing starbucks uses with its AT&T wifi. So, how in the hell am I supposed to use the wifi here with devices that have no browser? I'm trying to use my Apple TV and Xbox 360, and because they have no internet browsers the wifi won't work. I've already tried ethernet sharing from my computer, but that's really not ideal at all, as I'd rather not have the extra wire and my computer is not always around. Please, can someone tell me how I can use my wifi?
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    Poke around the help pages your school's IT department puts up.

    For my school for example, there was a website I could log into using my school credentials, and add the MAC address (and/or other assorted info) of my Xbox 360 to the WiFi's "registry". So once I tried to connect to it, it'd be authenticated and work just fine.

    Alternatively, we also had ethernet ports that did not require authentication. So that's an option if you've simply overlooked it.
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    Hey, this might be irrelevant but what is a macrumors 65816? Goes from macrumors newbie >> macrumors member >> macrumors 65816? or is there something in between?

    How do you get to 65816 - posting often?

    And why is it even called 65816?
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    From the FAQ.
    65816 was a processor used in the Apple II

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