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Oct 21, 2017
Hello guys,

I'm buy first mac few days ago and this is all new for me. Maybe my question is stupid for you but it is confused for me :)

So, when I try to install Composer they say to me to launch command in terminal
mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

But I don't have /user/local/bin folder. It is normal or it is problem with my system? I'm make new folder and now is okay but I need to know it is normal?

Thank you!


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Dec 9, 2014
I guess a fresh install doesn't have anything under /usr/local. /usr/local/bin is a traditional unix-y place to put locally installed applications. I would not expect a Mac aware installer to use /usr/local/bin, but if you are installing some sort of generic unix/linux application, it's not out of the question. Creating it is fine.
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