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    Aug 19, 2006
    I reinstalled OS X yesterday on my MacBook, and I went to install a toolchain for a project I'm working on (some microcontroller stuff), and it requires to install some files in the /usr/local directory, but when I try to find that folder, it's not there. Anyone have any ideas on where it could be, or if I could re create it? Thanks a lot. This is a MacBook running the latest OS X updates.
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    usr is a hidden directory...you can see it if you navigate to it using Terminal (most people would do it this way, since people who are going to messing around with that directory are usually comfortable with Terminal usage) or you can use a third-party app like TinkerTool to enable viewing of hidden files through the GUI.
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    You can also access it in the Finder by pressing command-shift-G (or opening the Go menu and clicking "Go to Folder...") and typing in "/usr/local" without quotes. Alternatively you can also open the folder from Terminal by typing in "open /usr/local" without quotes.

    But if it's going to be on more than one occasion, I'd suggest enabling hidden files and folders in Finder.

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