USR5461 print server + Epson CX700F setup


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Sep 2, 2007
Hello all,

I am having a problem getting my Imac to connect to my printer connected to a print server. I am very new to OS X. The printer works from my windows computer. Neither computer is connected directly to the wireless router. I use the print server to connect. My printer is at

My Hardware:
USR5461 router w/print server
Epson CX7000F
Imac 10.4.10

printer setup question: (Is the information below correct)
Protocol: IPP
Queue: (blank)

Name: Epson
Location: Blank
Print Using: Generic PostScript Printer

I hope this will help.
Thanks to all that reply


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Jun 1, 2007
You've done some good research that really helps! (You'd be surprised how many people fail to read the info available.)

You have two issues - driver and print server setup. Your Epson-provided driver was written to support USB ONLY. You'll need to use a third-party CUPS driver. Try Guten print first (may have to use a "similar" model driver):

Your print server uses IPP (that's the protocol), but the port number :)1631) is non-standard (supposed to be :631), so you can't Add the printer the easy IPP way.

Here's what to do -
open Printer Setup & delete previous setup.
Click Add.
hold down the option key and click More Printers.
Find and select Advanced from the bottom of the first pull-down menu.
select internet printing via IPP.
enter the URI (close to what you originally tried):
select model and finish up.
(I'm assuing here that you found the queue name My_Printer somewhere in the documentation - the name in that position of the URI is the queue name.)