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    I have a multi-display setup with each display having separate spaces. I have a standard setup of workspaces/spaces in which each application located in a specific workspace. I have set it up manually each time, which is a chore when I log into my Mac. I looking for a way to automate assigned apps to the correct display and workspace in the display.

    ** It might look like this**
    Display 1
    * Desktop 1 - Browser
    * Desktop 2 - Visual Studio Code editor
    * Desktop 3 - E-Mail app

    Display 2
    * Desktop 4 - Itunes ( full screen )
    * Desktop 5 - Omnifocus / Evernote
    * Desktop 6 - ssh console / secondary browser window

    Note that once you have more than one Display, Mac OS wont' let you assign an app to a workspace, you can only assign an app to a display. Screenshot attached.

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    Do you have "Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use" checked in Mission Control settings? If so, if you uncheck it does it behave more like you are expecting it to do so?
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    Look at my layout, what I'd like to happen is that when I log into the apps open and automatically go to their assigned location.

    I might be able to make it happen with Keyboard Maestro, which I purchased a few days ago but haven't had time to use yet.

    "Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use" has been off forever.
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    You can still assign to specific spaces with an external display attached, it’s just that the wording changes in the options menu.


    This works fine for me on Mojave.

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