Utilizing a "Back Shell" with iPad 3 that already has a back Skin applied

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Scottyee, May 28, 2012.

  1. Scottyee, May 28, 2012
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    Ok, I know this may seem strange, but there are times I appreciate using my iPad 3 near naked, with only a back skin to offer grip vs the slipperry feel of the bare aluminum back of the iPad. Also, when using the iPad with the new Logitech Ultrathin keyboard, it requires the iPad to remain naked, or only with a thin skin applied, as with a thicker hard shell case, the magnet strength will be too weak for the Ultrathin to supporr the iPad securely.

    There are are other times I appreciate adding a smart cover plus magnetic back shell for times when added protection is desired plus the added advantages a hard shell with magnets offers. I currently own the Incase brand Mag Snap Case for iPad 3 and it 'snaps on and off perfectly to my iPad 3. I've just ordered a "BestSkinsEver" back skin for my iPad 3 and hoping I'll still be able to utilize my Incase Mag Snap Case along with it. Can anybody here confirm whether this will work or not? Which brand of "skin" and "hard shell back case" work well together on the iPad 3? Thanks for all feedback, advice, and recommendations. :)
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    I don't think you'll have an issue with any backs and skins as long as u are using a back cover for the ipad3.
    Back in the day when I had my ipad 2 with an ipad 2 back i had no problems with skins.

    If u are trying to use an ipad 2 back on an ipad 3 with a skin you may have issues with that setup.

    There are tons of threads here with photos of people using skins with all sorts of back covers including the feather.

    So i say go for it. It never even occurred to me that a skin would cause an issue when I got my stickerb0y and I've had no issues with any of my many cases and backs.

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