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    Let me first admit that I do not know very much about home networking. I've been using Apple Airports for a while, but that is as deep as my knowledge on the subject goes.

    So here's what I'm trying to achieve:

    I have a 3800HGV-B Gateway provided from AT&T which only has 10/100 ethernet.
    I would like to connect my Airport Extreme base station to this with an external USB hard drive to this for time machine backups and eventually a Drobo w/ a Droboshare for all my itunes, movies, etc.

    How can I do this to take full advantage of the gigabit ethernet on the AE without screwing up my Uverse?
    I heard something about a DMZ, but i don't know what that is or how to do it.


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    Jul 2, 2002
    There will be no benefit from the "gigabit port" between the AE and the Uverse router. I assume you are wanting the benefit of 802.11n instead of the 802.11b/g offered by the Uverse Router while having access to your external HD. Since the maximum internet speed of the Uverse router, after the future VDSL2 upgrade, will run around 60 Mbps, you will never saturate the 100 Mbps connection between the AE and Uverse router.

    I don't know what you fully want out of your setup, but I run both the Uverse Wifi in G only mode for my iphones and older laptops, and the AE in N only mode (I have the first N version, the dual band but not dual radio's) for my macs and Apple TV. I have my AE in "DMZplus Mode" which you configure in the Uverse router so I can access my external HD using Mobile Me outside my home. From what you stated you wanted, you do not need to do anything with the DMZ unless you want access to your HD outside your home.

    Just go inside the AE using the Airport Utility, configure the wireless SSID, connection type (G/N or both) and security under the main Airport Tab. Then click on the Internet tab and change the Connect Using section to "Ethernet", Configure IPv4 to "Using DHCP" and change Connection Sharing to "Off (Bridge Mode)". This will pass DHCP address from you Uverse Router through your AE and make your AE basically an Wifi access point. You can also configure the Disk Tab for your external HD at this point as well. Be sure not to name the SSID the same as the SSID of the Uverse Router. Depending on your final requirements, you may want to turn off the wireless on the uverse router completely. After it is configured, connect the AE WAN port to any ethernet port on the Uverse router.

    Basically, when you are done, your computer will access you Uverse Router (Internet) trough your AE (access point). Bonjour will take care of the rest as far as locating the AE's attached HD, etc.
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    Nov 24, 2009

    Sorry to thread jack, but Im actually trying to set this up with my uverse. I just bought the iphone app eyetv so I can stream livetv from my house to my iphone while Im away. It works perfectly when I am on my wifi network. However outside of my network it doesnt work.

    I have setup the dmz in the rg to forward everything to my timecapsule. However eyetv is unable to configure the TC, and I have been having some difficulty. I have set it to share an ip address, an enabled the nat mapping protocols.

    I have 3 stbs hooked to the rg, then the 4th port feeds the TC. From there I have it feeding an 8 port hub that feeds 3 computers wired, an appletv, and a wii. When I switch the TC from being bridged mode to share an ip address, I refresh my ip address on my imac, and Im able to surf on the net with the imac. However Im unable to connect via eyetv to the imac. Any suggestions?

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