Vaja or Piel Frama Flip Case for 6 Plus?


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Dec 26, 2007
I am looking for a flip case for my 6 Plus - it must be flip not folio as it must fit in a Brodit/Proclip car mount. So far I am looking at a Vaja Flip ( for 6 as 6 Plus not listed yet), or Piel Frama iMagnum ( They look to be about the same price after shipping and duty has been paid (to the UK) and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with these cases and what their opinion of them is. Any other good quality case suggestions are also welcome.


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Sep 20, 2014
I'm a leather flip case person also. I ordered this one:

The cases are custom made in lots of colors and finishes. First time ordering from them. I was surprised to get an email a few days after placing my order that said it would be delivered in 2 weeks. I expected much longer.

There aren't many reviews for Noreve, the ones I did read for other phones were good. is taking preorders for Piel Frama, Nov. delivery.
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Feb 6, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
Anyone with experience on top flip vs bottom? The bottom flip on the Vaja blocks the lightening port? Is the Vaja flap detachable?

Im thinking a flip might be my best bet to protect the 6+screen when throwing in a bag. I'm terrible at applying screen protectors. I don't want to carry cards in it.


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Sep 11, 2014
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Anyone with experience on top flip vs bottom
I've used and like both actually. Either has the capacity to block the lightening port, depending on where it's hinged, and if there's a tab closure.

I wouldn't make much difference between the Vaja or Piel Frama leather; both are of the highest quality. The only advantage with Vaja, is the ability to customize.
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