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Vaja, Piel frama or noreve case?


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Aug 2, 2010
Hi, I'm trying to decide which is the best case to go for. I've had vaja cases for years but dislike the cut out corner for the camera and am not sure about the new magnet lock. Piel frama's imagnum looks great but not sure if the leather is as good or the new magnetic lock is strong or not, plus does the padding add a lot of bulk? That leaves the noreve traditional case. It's a lot like the original vaja designs and has a non magnetic and non snap closure, and it covers the camera corner as well, but I'm unsure as to how the quality of leather compares. I love the vaja leather, though it didn't seem to last as long as I'd hoped with my last iphone 4 case getting easily worn corners in relatively short time. My original iPhone 3 case looked new even after a year or mores use. Is the noreve of similar quality? My heart says stick with the vaja, but I'm tempted by the others. Has anyone any experience or views of the other brands? Cheers for any advice.


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Jul 9, 2010
I've owned all 3 brands for various iPhones at different stages. All 3 brands release a great whiff of real leather when you open the package ;) the piel frama tends to be a heavier leather, and a bit puffy on the calf skin. So that adds volume. Excellent quality all around.

The Vaja you seem to know very well, so I don't need to say much, except that the case are much firmer feeling than the others , and I have also noticed the edges fraying a bit after 12-18 months use. Again, excellent quality and design.

The Noreve flip case is currently my favourite. It has a softer feel than the Vaja, but not in a puffy way. Very sleek and soft and light leather, and weirdly enough, a very nicely embossed inner lining (which the other 2 also have) but the Noreve's lining provides a bit of cushion and grip within the case which gives it a very plush look. The Noreve case also is the thinnest of the 3, a major plus point for me. It is non-magnetic, whereas the other 2 brands are using magnetic clasp these days. I think Piel Frama still gives you the option to choose which kind of clasp you want.

And yes, the Noreve camera cutout is the best of the 3, giving the lens corner substantial drop protection.
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