Valentine's Apps: Get Your Romantic Heart Ready on iPhone

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    It's another sunshine February, and we know the aroma of love is going to scatter in the air around everyone's Valentine's Day. Then yes, it’s time to start planning an impressive gift for that special person in your life. Here we have selected those lovely and romantic apps from Apple's iPhone App Store as top picks for special day to help you out in an iPhone lifestyle.

    Do the LOVE Things: Top 5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Valentine's Day

    1. Valentine RADIO
    More romantic music will make people feel the coming of love. Valentine RADIO by, the free download for any iPhone or iPod touch running the iPhone 2.2 software update boasts a selection of romantic streaming Internet radio stations from around the world. The app features a selection of stations across multiple music genres that you can listen to via Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

    2. Valentine & LOVE iCard
    Valentine & LOVE iCard by Wondershare offers an express way to make somebody's sweet day with your iPhone on hands. It's never been easier to deliver your warm words as a special card, such as illustrated "I Love You Forever" or "You're Special" on everyone's Valentine's Day.

    3. iLuv Bubbles
    We always love it when our cutsy love applications also show some real ingenuity - and iLuvBubbles by artixels has it in spades - fully integrating multi-touch capabilities with some really smart graphics, iLuvBubbles will be warming your heart and soul very soon!

    4. KissKiss
    As so-called #1 kissing app for Valentine's day, KissKiss is a fun app to surprise someone special with pranks, share kisses and gifts with your valentine, or record your own kisses. It features 23 natural and high-quality real kissing sounds and 24 lovely gifts to choose from.

    5. iLoveYou in 50+ Languages!
    Love, the universal language, can be expressed without a word. But if it must be spoken, why not tell your sweetheart "I love you" in an exotic new tongue? Learn how to say "I love you" in over 50 different languages from around the world with Lingolook iLoveYou – a new app from one of the leading publishers of audio phrasebooks for the iPhone.

    You'll also find iPhone apps such as Candy Hearts, iFlirt, iDesire, Love Quotes and iPropose. And Apple also created the special Valentine's Apps page for every lover:
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    We released out Valentines app the other day:

    Not sure why it didn't make it into the Valentines section at the moment - hopefully they'll review the Valentines apps again in the next couple of days - If not there goes a shed load off effort on a <modesty>Brilliant!</modesty> app that getting lots of press coverage in the UK at moment....

    Ho hum mumbles the bitter developer :)
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    Never mind all that lovey stuff. Rogue Cupid gave me a huge laugh today. It's not in Apple's Valentine's list either, but I saw it when browsing for games today. Hilarious anti-Valentine's stuff. :D
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    Our Valentine's Day offering is now on the iTunes App Store. Its called Love Dive. Love Dice are a fun way to put some spice into your love life by reconnecting with your partner and is an entertaining and creative tool for couples. Love Dice provides two main options for a couple, each providing increasingly risky die for both the “Body” and “Action” categories. You choose the risk level you are comfortable with then enjoy! For those who want a little more variety and spice, Love Dice also provides two other optional dice, the “Location” and “Duration” dice. With these extra dice a very specific activity can be played out. Mix and match the dice and their various levels of risk, locations, and durations to provide endless, and sometimes adventuresome, combinations. If you roll a question mark, feel free to choose or let your partner decide. Most of all be prepared to have some fun and make any day, Valentine's Day!

    Love Dice is powered by our dynamicDICE engine, which provides a powerful, highly realistic, and surreal true 3D graphical dice rolling experience. The dynamicDICE engine provides full range of view of the dice on the table from any angle just by rotating or tilting your iPhone. Shake the iPhone to make a roll, or just push the roll button. You can even lock the dice so that they will not roll, just in case your partner does not believe you and want to see for themselves!
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