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May 4, 2019
Hi everyone, I just got a 1st generation iPod touch on Mercari with the original box and all of the original items in great shape, No scratches at all on screen or back. Picked it up for $20.... what is it currently worth and is It likely to go up in value any time soon?
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Dec 21, 2013
It may go up a bit but don’t expect much from it - in contrast to the original iPhone. You may wonder why the original iPhone got so much value.
Well: The original iPhone got it because it revolutionized the smartphone.

The iPod touch didn’t revolutionize anything. in fact: back in 2007, other iPods were much more sold than the 1st touch because they could fit more songs for the same price. The touch was basically the “cheaper iPhone without the phone”. That makes it not really collectible.
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