Vanishing Wireless


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Jun 20, 2004
After installing Leopard and doing all the latest software updates, I am experiencing an issue on two out of three machines involving my airport.

Basically, when I click the airport icon in the menu bar, I can see a lot of networks, secured and open. once I get on a network via airport in the menu bar, all is good. My connection is fine. But if I wanted to switch to another network and click the menu bar icon, no network shows up except for the one I am connected to.

If I choose Join Other Network and then click Show Networks, it does a quick scan but doesn't show anything. HOWEVER, from this point I can force it to show all the networks by clicking OTHER and then entering any random letter in the Network Name field. It will then tell me that the connection failed. Then, when I click Show Networks again, all the networks will pop up.

Anyone else having this issue? Again, this is unrelated to airport signal strength.

Also, I am experiencing this issue on both my iMac and MacBook Pro BUT NOT MY MacBook.
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