various migration issues, please help!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by sambo., Sep 23, 2005.

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    greetings one and all. m$ windon't is nearly out of my life. i have just taken delivery of two new iMacs, a 1.8 (Socrates) & a 2.0 (Aristotle), both 17"ers. this is my first real foray into OS-X, but have muchos experience with OS(up to 9.2) which doesn't really count for anything.

    i might know enough about windows to be considered a Home User.

    ok, i'm running into a few issues with migration (surprise!) and am looking for some help...

    1> Networking: The iMacs have been plugged into the office LAN (to "boa01" and "boa02") via a soon to be replaced 10/100 hub) and both can quite happily see/access the M$'98 boxes. However, while Socrates can see Aristotle, Aristotle has some issues with finding Socrates. I would like them both to have "see everything, copy anything, write anywhere" access-rights to each other.

    2>Mail: I am coming from Mozilla 1.6. while i can find the appropriate user folder on boa02, attempting to import the mail crashes on Aristotle, every time. I have tried copying the 3.6 gig account folder locally to Aristotle, but it won't let me import from the copy. i have tried the usual zap PRAM, repair permissions et. al. at this stage too, but no dice.

    I need the mailboxes set up so both iMacs can see and use the main office e-mail address. They can both currently surf the net, however Socrates has yet to be set up for e-mail.

    those are my main issues at the moment, any help would be muchos appreciated.
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    "eventually" BOA01 (a 1.?? Celeron) will be crammed with large HD's, given a gigabit ethernet card and reborn as a Linux Warehouse, any ideas??
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    thanx in advance you help.
    sambo. :)
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    Make sure that you have sharing turned on in System Preferences. Turning on AppleTalk may help also. If you need more flexibility, try using the free program, sharepoints. (

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