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    If you pick a color for your text from the text color drop-down (say, the one that appears dark green) with text highlighted, it properly wraps your highlighted text in a color tag with a "plain english" description.

    Spaces added to force it to show the elements, rather than applying the tag...
    ...one that appears [ COLOR = "DarkGreen" ]dark green[ / COLOR ]...
    Then, the font color tool shows your newly selected color. This makes me think that you can just click the "'A' with the color under it" to re-use that color.

    Only when you do that, it wraps the highlighted text in a color tag that uses rgb.

    Example: (This is *NOT* a code bit, this is me merely highlighting the text and clicking the 'A' now that it shows a dark green color.) ----- example selected text should be dark green between the dashes -----

    As you can see, instead of COLOR="DarkGreen" in the tag, it shows COLOR="rgb(0,100,0)". And it apparently doesn't recognize that as a valid tag, because it doesn't actually APPLY the tag, it SHOWS the tag.
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